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Program Overview

After more than 40 years of accumulation, the development of nucleic acid therapeutics has experienced ups and downs, and with the continuous breakthroughs and progress of related technologies, it has gradually come out of the downturn and ushered in the harvest era, and has been widely used in the treatment of genetic diseases, tumors, viral infections and other diseases. With the approval of the world's first siRNA drug in 2018 and the approval of the first mRNA vaccine at the end of 2020, 18 oligonucleotide drugs and 10 mRNA vaccines have been approved for marketing so far. Compared with existing small molecules and antibody therapeutics, oligonucleotide drugs have significant advantages, such as fast target screening, high R&D success rate, less easy to develop drug resistance, wider therapeutic fields and long-term effect. After the maturity of chemical modification and GalNAc delivery system, the treatment direction gradually transitioned from rare diseases to common diseases such as liver-related cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and explored extrahepatic tissue/organ targeting, long-term layout of central nervous system and ophthalmology and other disease fields.

At the same time, mRNA vaccines have entered a rapid development phase in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the continuous maturity of mRNA synthesis and delivery technology, the stability and translation efficiency of mRNA drugs have been greatly improved, and mRNA technology has developed rapidly. According to Sullivan's analysis, a total of 132 mRNA drugs have entered the clinical pipeline worldwide, and the research and development is mainly focused on the field of vaccines. In addition, mRNA has great potential in immunotherapy, protein replacement therapy, cell therapy, regenerative medicine and other fields. According to PubMed, the total mRNA market size will reach $23 billion by 2035.

In Return, xRNA Therapeutics Development and Innovation Forum 2024 will gather leaders and scientists across RNA-based medicines Innovators, leading academic centers and institutes for the discussion and case studies with the aim to facilitate the communication and partnership for the development, delivery and manufacturing of the next generation nucleic-acid-based vaccines and therapeutics.

Conference Major Sessions/Topics

  • Session 1: mRNA and circRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics 
  • Session 2: mRNA Cancer Vaccine Development
  • Session 3: mRNA Novel Applications (Cell Therapy, Gene Editing and Regenerative Medicines etc.)
  • Session 4: mRNA Vaccine Process Development, Analytical Development and Quality Control
  • Session 5: Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Research and Development (ASO, siRNA, saRNA etc.)
  • Session 6: Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Process Development, Analytical Development and Quality Control
  • Session 7: Delivery Strategies and Technology for RNA-based Therapeutics

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Currently we are receiving the podium/poster abstracts. If you are working in the above areas, you are invited to submit a proposal.

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Wei Zhang
Program Manager
Organizing Committee
Phone: (86) 21-5269-8916