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Program Overview

As one of the effective means of precision medicine, Nucleic Acid-based Medicines can directly act on the target genes or target mRNA and regulate the expression of the therapeutic genes from the root. The RNA-based medicines have greatly expanded the range of selectable targets of innovative drugs, making the previously undruggable targets possible. In recent years, with the maturation of technologies for chemical modification, nucleic acids delivery and manufacturing, RNA-based Therapeutics is expanding rapidly with multiple products launch onto the market, showing increasingly prominent clinical advantage and market value. With the successful development of COVID19 mRNA vaccine recently, this new class of medicine gradually enter the public vision and has also shown great potential in the field of infectious diseases, oncology treatment and orphan drug area. In Return, xRNA Therapeutics Development and Innovation Forum 2023 will gather leaders and scientists across RNA-based medicines Innovators, leading academic centers and institutes for the discussion and case studies with the aim to facilitate the communication and partnership for the development, delivery and manufacturing of the next generation nucleic-acid-based vaccines and therapeutics.

2023 Speaker Committee

  • Yongsheng Yang

    Senior Vice President, Head of Nucleic Acid Innovation Research Institute
    Zhejiang Haichang Biotech


  • Jiaqi Lin

    Proxybio Therapeutics


  • Xianbin Yang

    CSO, Greater China, Sirnaomics, General Manager
    Sirnaomics (Suzhou)


  • Xudong Yuan

    Founder and CEO
    ACON Pharmaceuticals


  • Jia Fei

    Professor, School of Medicine, Jinan University
    Dean, Center for Small Nucleic Acid Drugs, Guangdong Province


  • Chunlin Zhao



  • James Shu

    Vice President, Analytical Science
    Abogen Biosciences


  • Kathy He

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cargene Biopharma



Program Key Discussions

Session I: mRNA and circRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics  

-  Prospects in the Development and Application of Next Generation mRNA-based Therapeutics 
-  Challenges and Strategies for the mRNA Vaccine Industrialization
-  Development of mRNA Vaccines for COVID19 and other Infectious Diseases
-  Progress on the Development of mRNA Cancer Vaccines
-  Advances in the Development of Cellular Therapy based on mRNA editing
-  Non-Clinical Safety Evaluation and Clinical Development Strategies for mRNA Vaccines

-  The Applications of circRNA in Therapeutic Development and CMC Strategies and more

Session II: CMC, Analytical and Process Development for mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics

-  Challenges in the Analysis of mRNA Vaccine and Therapeutics
-  Progress of USP Quality Analysis Standard for mRNA Vaccine
-  Analytical Method Development, Quality Control Strategies for mRNA Vaccines
-  Process Development and Optimization Strategies for mRNA Vaccines

-  mRNA Vaccine upstream process development and purification development and more

Session III: Small Nucleic Acid Drugs (ASO, siRNA, saRNA etc.) and CMC Strategies

-  Challenges and Strategy for the Development of Nucleic Acid Drugs
-  The Current Market Landscape and Future Development Analysis of RNA-based Medicines in China 
-  The Frontiers and Delivery Challenges of siRNA Therapeutics and ASO
-  Development small activating RNA (saRNA) as the Therapeutic: Challenges and Opportunities
-  Process Development and Optimization Strategies for Oligonucleotides Therapeutics

-  The Application of LC-MS Technology for the Analysis and Quantitation of Oligonucleotides and more

Session IV: Delivery Strategies and Technology for RNA-based Therapeutics

-  Mechanism for mRNA-LNP vaccine in vivo delivery and Pharmacokinetics studies
-  Progress on the Development of Novel Nucleic Acid Drugs based on Cell Like System Delivery Technology 
-  Development of LNPs for Safe and Effective mRNA Delivery
-  LNP nucleic acid drug delivery system based on novel cationic lipid material
-  Self-assembled In Vivo Delivery System for RNA-based Therapeutics 
-  Polypeptide-based nucleic acid drug delivery system and more

Who would Attend

Around 600 Executive and Scientific Managers, Professionals in the Research, Product/Process Development and Manufacturing of RNA-based Therapeutics (mainly including mRNA, circRNA, siRNA, ASO, saRNA etc.) are expected to attend the xRNA2023 with the main responsibilities including but not limited to:

- Executive and Scientific Management
- Early Discovery, Technology Development and External Innovation 
- Preclinical and Clinical Development
- Process Development and Manufacturing Sciences
- Analytical and Formulation Development 
- Business Development and Marketing
- Product and Portfolio Management